Virtual airline management software with a dedicated automatic pilot ACARS program

  • vaBase 3.1.1.x - Updated Oct 2020

Ready to build your very own Virtual Airline?

A wealth of features essential to any virtual airline including a fully automated PIREP & ACARS system with pilot flight booking and dispatch, active pilot roster, flight reports, news & download management, pilot pay, flight search engine and much more! vaBase is different from the rest, we host your database on our secure cloud server, but give you the scripts to implement directly on your website enabling you to fully modify the look and feel of the API and also add bespoke features. was established in 2006 as the first ever management software provider for virtual airlines. We provide an original premium alternative to common "free" virtual airline management systems.

Designed for developers

Unlike other systems, you have full control of the API enabling you to develop your own features and extend the API as you wish.

2 Minute Installation

This is our fastest software installation yet, no database to worry about, simply upload the API to your web server and you're good to go.

Cloud Data Storage

Our core API data is stored on our cloud data server - meaning you can spend less time setting up databases, but more time building your airline.


Our API has been redesigned from the ground up, built on the Bootstrap framework, our system is fully browser responsive and works on mobile!

Easy to customise

Our API has been designed with customisation in mind! You have full control of the layout, design, and what your pilots see.

Pilot ACARS Application

Powerful flight tracking software rich with features including advanced flight tracking, performance statistics, full text output and take-off/landing anaylsis.

Flight Booking & Dispatch

Pilots can book flights from your schedule and visit the Dispatch Centre for a full flight briefing including automated passenger and cargo information.

Fleet Management

Advanced fleet management and statistics fully integrated with your schedule and the crew Dispatch Centre allowing full automation in flight briefing generation.

Updates & Support

We are constantly working on new and exciting features to further advance our software. Have an idea? Tell us. We also provide full support to those who need it.

Package Features

  • Fully responsive + HTML5 + PHP Web API
  • Built on Bootstrap framework with custom template included
  • Secure Admin Control Panel
  • Flight booking & Dispatch Centre
  • Create & Manage Pilots
  • Manage Hubs & Airline Info
  • Manage Routes / Flight Schedules
  • Flight Ticket Price Management
  • Manage PIREPs
  • Add / Manage News & Event Articles
  • Live Flight Board & Map
  • PIREP Info & Flight History Map
  • Vatsim & IVAO Support
  • Fleet Management
  • Pilot Awards System
  • Manage Staff & Admin Permissions
  • Dynamic Staff Page
  • Add / Manage Downloads
  • Fully Customizable Pilot Ranks
  • Secure Pilot Centre
  • Advanced Pilot Roster
  • Pilot Profile
  • Pilot Signup Form
  • Route / Flight Search
  • Advanced Airline Statistic Widgets
  • Pilot Messaging System
  • Pilot Edit Profile
  • Pilot Statistics
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Pilot Social Integration
  • Manage Pilot Pay
  • Schedule Importer
  • Automated ACARS Software (vaBase Live 3.1)
  • Automatic Flight Tracking & Recording
  • ACARS Pilot Chat
  • ACARS Flight Rating
  • ACARS Integrated Flight Map
  • ACARS Automatic METAR feed & reporting
  • ACARS Airline Global Rank & Top Pilot
  • ACARS Aircraft Landing Rate
  • ACARS Integrated logbook
  • ACARS Flight data text log
  • ACARS Enhanced pilot skill analysis
  • ACARS take-off/landing analysis
  • Rapid Cloud Data Storage
  • Continued development of new features
  • Free Support

Screenshots & Demo

Web API Demo

Pilot Login: VBA124 Password: password
Click to open demo

vaBase 3.1 Web API Demo

Admin Centre Gallery

Some screenshots from the admin centre (click image to launch).

Admin Centre

ACARS Gallery

Desktop ACARS flight recording software gallery (click image to launch).

Pilot Login

Customer Integration Example

Excellent integration example by Alaska Air Virtual.
Click to visit site



vaBase 3.1 is a yearly subscription of only £44.99.
From the date of purchase you will have 12 months before your API key expires and must be renewed. You can cancel your subscription at anytime if you only want to use vaBase for 1 year.

Your vaBase subscription entitles you to FREE updates and feature releases.

  • Secure payments via PayPal:

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Requirements & Installation


Our web API package consists of PHP web pages for you to integrate into your website however you please. All you need to do is insert the API key you receive into the config.php file and upload the API to your web server.

  • PHP Version: PHP 5.4.x or later (recommend PHP 7+)
  • Web API File Size: 5mb

vaBase Live ACARS

vaBase Live is a lightweight desktop application to record and track flights, installation is simple and we add a desktop shortcut for your convenience. Our ACARS program self-updates to ensure you and your pilots are always running the latest updates.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 (x64/x86)
  • Simulator Support: FS2004, FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d, X-Plane (11/10/9), Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • Required Disc Space: 15mb


Installation is super easy! We boast a 2 minute installation time and we aren't joking - follow the 2 simple steps below:

  1. Edit config.php located in the root folder and add your API key as shown below.
  2. Upload the content of the vaBase Web API to your web server and you're good to go!
	    // *************************************************************
	    // Edit the below config settings for your vaBase API instance
	    // *************************************************************
	    // This is your vaBase Live API key that is provided in your welcome  
        // email or you can find this by logging in to the vaBase website
	    $client_api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"; 
	    // The full base url and directory in which vaBase Live is installed 
        // (Example:
	    $website_base_url = "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL_HERE"; 
	    // Set file upload directory to where file uploads are saved on the 
        // server (ensure write permissions are enabled)
	    $file_upload_dir = "../uploads/";

Web Hosting + SSL (with free vaBase installation*)

We don't just offer software, but we also offer good reliable quality web hosting too! With our hosting, your website is placed directly on the powerful vaBase cloud servers meaning your website will receive the best possible latency, uptime, and performance over any other hosting provider! We also include an SSL certificate with your hosting giving your website extra security and trust for your users.

We provide a 2GB linux hosting package with unlimited features and unlimited bandwidth, with cPanel and FTP access. We will also throw in a free URL if you don't have your own domain.

Our hosting package also comes with a FREE vaBase installation by our technicians to get you up and running ASAP.

vaBase 2GB, unlimited Web Hosting + SSL is priced at £29.99 for the year.

If you would like to purchase web hosting and free installation please contact us using the form below.

* You must purchase vaBase software first for free installation. Our hosting package does not include vaBase and is an additional purchase.

Contact & Support

If you have any questions regarding our product then please don't hesitate to get in touch!
Please note our offices are based in the UK but we will do our best to respond outside of usual business hours.

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