Virtual Airline Management Software with a customizable Pilot ACARS App

      Ready to build your very own Virtual Airline or Flying Club?

      vaBase has a wealth of features essential to any virtual airline or flying club giving you a modern web presence as well as a customizable pilot ACARS application. vaBase is different from the rest, we host your database on our secure cloud server, but give you the pages and template to implement directly on your website enabling you to fully modify the look and feel of your website and also add custom features.

      Data Migration

      Import all of your existing data such as pilots, schedules, flight reports, fleet and hubs from other systems into vaBase with ease using our provided templates.

      Easy Installation

      This is our fastest software installation yet, no database to worry about, simply edit the config file and upload the API to your web server and you're good to go.

      Cloud Data Storage

      Our core API data is stored on our cloud data server - meaning you can spend less time setting up databases and more time building your airline.


      Our API has been redesigned from the ground up, built on the Bootstrap framework, our system is fully browser responsive and works on mobile.

      Easy to customise

      Our API has been designed with customisation in mind! You have full control of the layout, design, and what your pilots see.

      Pilot ACARS

      Powerful flight tracking software rich with features including advanced flight tracking, performance statistics, full data log and customization.

      Flight Booking & Dispatch

      Pilots can book flights from your schedule and visit the Dispatch Centre for a full flight briefing including automated passenger and cargo information.

      Fleet Management

      Advanced fleet management and statistics fully integrated with your schedule and the crew Dispatch Centre allowing full automation in flight briefing generation.

      Updates & Support

      We are constantly working on new and exciting features to further advance our software. Have an idea? Tell us. We also provide full support to those who need it.

      Key Product Features

      • Fully customizable Bootstrap template
      • Technical Support
      • Data Import and Export
      • Secure Admin and Pilot Center
      • Flight Booking & Dispatch System
      • Pilot Management
      • Hub Management
      • Schedule Management
      • Flight Report Management
      • Fleet Management
      • News & Events Management
      • Awards Management
      • Staff Management
      • Live Flight Map
      • Manage Downloads
      • Airline Stats Widgets
      • Reporting
      • Pilot Messaging System
      • Pilot Statistics
      • Pilot Logbook
      • Manage Pilot Pay
      • Manual PIREP Form
      • ACARS Theme Customization
      • ACARS Flight Params Customization
      • ACARS Pilot Chat
      • ACARS Flight Rating & Analysis
      • ACARS Integrated Live Flight Map
      • ACARS Weather Reporting
      • ACARS FSElite News Integration
      • ACARS JetStream Radio Integration
      • ACARS Landing Rate Recorded
      • ACARS Integrated logbook
      • ACARS Flight Raw Data Log

      Screenshots & Demo

      Website Demo

      Email: Password: DemoUser8!
      Click to open demo

      vaBase Web API Demo

      Admin Center Gallery

      Screenshots from the admin center (click image to launch gallery).

      Admin Centre

      ACARS Gallery

      Desktop ACARS flight recording software gallery (click image to launch).

      Pilot ACARS

      Requirements & Compatibility

      The vaBase website product is a PHP based web application with an included theme built with Bootstrap. If you already have an existing website you can also lift the scripts into your current design.
      We provide everything you need to upload to your web hosting to get your virtual airline or flying club up and running quickly.

      vaBase ACARS is a lightweight desktop application that is used to record and track your pilots flights. Installation is simple, and our ACARS program automatically updates to ensure you and your pilots are always running the latest version.

      Website ACARS
      PHP Version PHP 7.2 or later -
      Hosting Platform Linux / Windows -
      Supported Operating System - Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (x64/x86)
      Supported Simulators
      Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
      Prepar3d (all versions)
      Flight Simulator X
      Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
      X-Plane (all versions)
      Flight Simulator 2004
      Infinate Flight*

      Need web hosting? Click here for more information.

      * ACARS not available for Infinate Flight users. However, we provide a manual PIREP form in the website which will allow your pilots to log flights.


      £44.99 per year*

      *Your subscription includes the vaBase web software and ACARS. You are also entitled to free updates and support. You can also cancel your subscription at any time if you just want to use vaBase for one year.

      Secure payments via PayPal

      Contact Us

      If you have any questions regarding our product then please don't hesitate to get in touch!
      Please note our offices are based in the UK but we will do our best to respond outside of usual business hours.

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